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Marla or Nebula. 17. Autistic. INFP. Bi-aceflux. Bi-demiro. CAFAB gendervoid. Voi/voi/void/voidself or they/their/them/themself pronouns. White Pagan. Alice in Wonderland, fandoms, and writing.  

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my ccomputer screen just took on a tan tint? am i seeing things or

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[points at tumblr user gamaura] the heck is this? some kind of a… child demon? some kind of demon baby?

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  • stop saying your fandom belongs in a mental hospital
  • stop saying your fandom is insane
  • stop saying you have ptsd because of the season finale
  • stop saying you’re a high functioning sociopath
  • stop making these kinds of jokes because they’re not funny and ableist as FUCK

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Can we take a moment to appreciate that they made a whole account just to do this one post.

you’re welcome

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we should stop trying to make “strong” female characters and start striving for whole female characters because buxom chick with a gun who says “who needs men?? I don’t but the main male character is the one exception” that the male writer of a show would personally find appealing is fucking shallow and boring and its getting fucking old

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heathers + minimalist 

we can start and finish wars / we’re what killed the dinosaurs 

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the most unpopular opinion i will ever post:

  • the obsession with pluto being a planet is childish and annoying
  • chill

Okay so I totally feel this cause we talked about Pluto in astronomy today and it’s apparent not-being-a-planetness.

So actually Pluto is considered a dwarf planet because in 2006 an international board of scientists decided it was time to lay down the law on what should and should not be considered a planet. The key factor in that decision was that a “real planet” should be able to clear it’s orbital path (like knock a bunch of crap out of the way so that the planet is the only thing in it’s path around the Sun.) All other planets except for Pluto can do this, so naturally Pluto gets kicked out of the club.

Also there are several other planetary objects that are super similar to Pluto (most notably Eris); like they’re basically planets but they lack the ability to clear their orbital paths. So if we really want to count Pluto as a planet, shouldn’t we count those guys too??

Yeah so basically:

  • Pluto is a LITTLE BITCH that can’t even clear it’s orbital path
  • fuck pluto
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to summarize, Gerard Way:

  • has had Gender Feels
  • uses They pronouns on their official facebook

thank you and good night

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i like how cis people act like it would be the worst thing in the world not to assume people’s genders i mean we don’t assume people’s names what if you just met someone and you were like “hey emily” and they were like “thats not my name its megan” and you were like “oh well how was i supposed to know. you look like an emily to me. i guess i can try to call you megan but its gonna be hard because i just see you as such an emily”

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For every ∯ I get I will say/confess something without specifying for whom it is meant

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Today’s Gender of the day is: Regina Spektor’s entire discography 

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if you don’t view mentally ill people and mentally disabled people as—y’knowpeople

and if you cannot find it in yourself to do so, asshole

  • do not become a psychologist 

imo, this includes being ~~fascinated~~ by the people who deal with certain mental illnesses.
be interested in hallucinations if you want - i know i am. but don’t treat us like a sideshow monkey that exists to be poked and prodded.

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its all fun to change ur url to something festive but SOME of us have Brands to maintain

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hey someone should request me to draw stuff bc i have no idea what to draw

Draw me

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